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Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

Fleximation Systems offers easy-to-use outlook workspace and room booking software for any size of organization. In addition, we’re thrilled to offer tools that help you and your team take short breaks that help you perform better and stay healthier.

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Outlook Workspace and Room Booking
Outlook Workspace and Room Booking
What We Do

Outlook Workspace and Room Booking Software Tools Keep Getting Better

With over 35 years of experience, our team knows software inside and out. We look for the best third party software tools which are easy to use and install and help simplify a users workspace or room booking experience.

Digital Solutions

Help Support Your Employees’ Wellbeing

Sitting all day can be detrimental to the health of your employees. Fleximation Systems is committed to working with organizations that prioritize employee wellbeing, contact us if you want modern solutions for a modern workplace.

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Hotline: 905 267 3479

Meeting Room Booking

Simplify the booking experience when reserving conference rooms, workspaces, or Teams or WebEx meetings.

Hoteling and Hotdesking

Finding and Book hotdesking stations or meeting rooms easily for your employees

Workspace Management

Automate your workplace and implement physical and social distancing. Integrate your workspace with Office 365, Outlook, and Google.

Employee Wellbeing

Prioritize your employee’s health and mental wellbeing with Breakthru. Microbreaks scientifically proven to enrich the lives of your team.



Who we are

Flexnet is Different.

We are your one-stop-shop for a full suite of outlook workspace and room booking software products. These tools help you leverage your existing Microsoft Outlook, Teams and Office 365 calendars, allowing you to optimize and simplify any meeting room booking processes you already have in place.

We’re also invested in helping you support your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing through microbreaks that fit seamlessly into your existing online ecosystem.

We understand your workspace productivity requirements.
We help you prioritize employee wellbeing and efficiency
We address your meeting room no shows and hotdesking problems.

More About Our Solutions
Our clients

We partner with top global software solution providers

Make your employees’ lives safer and easier by allowing them to book socially distanced hotdesking stations or meeting rooms anytime or anywhere.

Or, help your team take breaks through the day to help avoid work or stress related injuries with microbreaks on Teams.

These solutions will help you manage and monitor your email platforms, conference rooms, and workspaces quickly and efficiently, while also helping your employees take care of themselves!

Outlook Workspace and Room Booking
Outlook Workspace and Room Booking

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