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30+ Years Experience

What Makes Us Fleximation Systems

Fleximation Systems was founded before the internet was born! As a reseller, we’ve been around since the inception of many staple business products on the market today. We now focus on bringing you the best resource and workspace management software tools, despite our humble beginnings in the hardware business. This includes Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams productivity and communications solutions for your employees.

With over 30 years of experience, our team knows the software inside and out. We look for best of breed 3rd party software tools to help simplify your workspace. We also work with our partners to provide top-notch customer service to help you deal with any problems quickly and efficiently. Our experience allows us to provide quick recommendations that fit your unique requirements and budget.

Better Reporting and Monitoring

Why Fleximation

Many of our customers purchased workspace management software from other companies and were promised the world. When things didn’t work out, they came to us. Why? They know that we provide best of breed 3rd party software products with top-notch customer service.

Get started

Fleximation Systems Services in Three Categories

Professional Services

Our professional services assist with the implementation of your resource management project.

Customization Services

Our customization services develop specific enhancements to our products to address your business requirements.

Migration Services

Our migration services help you migrate your existing resource management platform to our resource or workspace management solution.

When you work with Fleximation Systems, you’re getting our experience, our knowledge, and our passion. We work to provide you with the best workspace management software and solutions there are to offer. With over 30 years of experience, we always provide the right software that simplifies and maximizes efficiency within your workplace.

To eliminate meeting room no-shows, we have interactive digital signage to help free up meeting room spaces. This helps avoid employee frustration with ghost meetings.

If you have remote workers coming into the office  often, but they don’t have a regular desk, don’t worry. We have desk booking software and hardware to help your employees maximize their efficiency and ensure their space needs are met.

Advanced Workspace Management

Whether it’s through product, professional or our vendors services team or the introduction of our vendors hosted information management platform, we continue to improve our services to adapt to the needs of our industry. In an information age that requires companies to get the most from their technology and service providers, Fleximation and its vendors are able to deliver a complete solution.

Our vendors products are designed for ease of use, but messaging environments are inherently complex. We have a professional services team which can help fast track your project by providing expert level implementation services. Save time and resources by allowing our team to assist you in four key areas.





Let our team put together a training program for your staff is a great way to maximize your investment. Our training programs will acquaint your team with the full range of features that each of our products has to offer.

Our consulting services teams have a great wealth of knowledge and experience covering the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our consultants can help develop and implement policies and provide the additional support needed to assist with your resource or workspace management solutions.

You’ve decided to migrate but now you have to support the transformation. We can customize a migration solution using proven technology to assist with the migration of your existing meetings to our resource or workspace platforms. This best practices approach, delivered in coordination with our strategic partners, is derived from more than 30 years of experience in managing the world’s most complex and multifaceted migrations.

We are able to quickly and efficiently customize the products we sell to address your specific business requirements. In some cases this means adding a feature to a product that is triggered by a customer-specific scenario, in other situations it may require developing a standalone application that supplements an existing product.

Our Partners

Table Air Case Study


Founded in 1972, their association serves as the national and international voice of Canada’s largest post-secondary education network. CICan’s work is guided by a simple yet ambitious vision:building better futures for people and communities. They achieve this by strengthening Canada’s system of publicly supported colleges, institutes, CEGEPs, and polytechnics. With more than 95% of Canadians living within 50 km of a member institution, and thanks to their extensive reach around the globe, the impact of the CICan network is unmatched, delivering tangible results for students, employers and diverse partners. Like their members, they are an agile organization that can adapt and takes on new projects as the need arises to futureproof communities in Canada and abroad. CICan is guided in this work by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and is particularly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion; sustainable development; access to quality education; decent work for all and climate action. CICan has a Canadian workforce of 125, with a staff increase of more than 40% during the past twoyears, and is continuing to grow.

What was the problem?

As an organization with staff across Canada and plans to expand, ensuring proper
management of room, desk, and other resource booking was of the utmost importance.
With all of their workforce working off laptops, and mainly working from home, CICan is no stranger to working with resource management software.

How did Fleximation and Table solve it?

When searching for software that would support CICan needs while also giving them what they were
missing, TableAir stood out in an assessment of several solutions.
Working with Fleximation Systems to set TableAir up at the CICan workspace solved several issues.
TableAir has the best product capabilities to serve CICan’s needs:

Clean Solution

The clean,simple and easy to use interface was popular with employees

Different Integrations

The different integrations (Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, etc) were perfect for booking meetings and keeping track of staff

Exceptional Support

The possibility for expansion. With CICan’s plans to support international offices in the future, TableAir’s ability to expand with CICan was a crucial factor in working together

Huge Plus

Compared to other software, TableAir’s ability to provide a clear, easy-tounderstand floorplan was a huge plus. Specifically, the ability to clearly determine availability at a glance.

Variety of Options

The option of metrics that clearly display the utilization of an office, or workspace.

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