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Outlook Desk and Room Booking

We help our clients to discover and ease their room booking and outlook journey just in four steps.

See Steps Below

In Four Easy Steps!

Outlook Desk and Room Booking

New Meeting

To start, select “New Meeting” from your Outlook toolbar, choose our Outlook desk and room booking option by selecting “Resource Finder”.


When there,
• Select your location
• Room type (conference, huddle, hot desk or hoteling station)
• Size
• Time for the meeting.

By using the Resource Central Outlook booking feature, you feel like you are using Outlook.


Hot Desk Booking


Outlook Room Booking

Save and Close the Order

If booking a desk, save and close the Outlook desk booking process is complete.

If booking a room, order you service (if required)
• Room catering,
• select the correct nutritional food information
• seating plans or
• IT services and more…..

Now save and close the order and the Outlook room booking process is complete.

Additional Options

You will arrived back at a normal Outlook desk and room booking, allowing you to add any standard Outlook booking option.

For example, you can add,

  • Attendees
  • Teams invites
  • Go to Meeting requests
  • Webex
  • Zoom

Or video conference call information

When you are finished, you hit send like a normal meeting invite. The exchange accepts the meeting invite, the services are booked and meeting organizers are notified and the invites are delivered to the users

Get started with Outlook Desk and Room Booking?

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