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Visitor Registration and Management

As organization implements stricter security policies, visitor registration and management solutions are becoming much more important in today’s workplace. Resource Central offers resource and room booking capabilities and in conjunction with that, it includes a visitor registration and management option so that when a user books a meeting room and invites external guests, they can pre-register them with reception. This way, when your invited guest arrives for their meeting, your receptionist will have the names of all of the attendees of your meeting and they can then identify them by name and provide them with a more professional and warmer welcome when your guests arrive.

TableAir Kiosk

The TableAir Kiosk 1.0 is a perfect solution for any business that needs an interactive, state-of-the-art 43″ multi-touch screen with an integrated PC setup and booking system all prepped to go! The device can be placed in your lobby–giving you access from anywhere within its network or even outside of it if administrators allow users to manage their bookings on this amazing new feature too

A non-electric, constant force spring lifting column

Casters can be removed upon request

mechanical M-collumn that can help you choose the perfect height of the touchscreen

Comes Already Pre-Setup

Resource Central

Add on Products Resource Central is a powerful visitor management solution that helps you manage the process from registration, through printing and scanning of badges to reporting on visitors. Receptionists can quickly check-in guests with their barcodes before they enter any meeting or event while Resource central automatically notifies meeting organizers by email if someone enters without being registered – giving them peace of mind about who’s been attending!

The key to improving security is being able identify exactly who's in your facility at all times.

You can send email notifications to hosts when visitors sign in

Take action with a self-registration kiosk to allow visitors to check themselves in

Need Help with Visitor Registration and Management Solution?

For further information about Resource Centrals visitor registration and management solution or Table Air please contact us today to schedule a free trial or a free online demo.

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