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Mailscape Hybrid Reporting Storage & UsageMailbox StatisticsMailbox TrafficFolder StatisticAudit reportingQuota reporting

Ability to monitor all the key aspects of hybrid deployments even network between you and the Office 365 cloud

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Mailscape Hybrid Reporting

Mailscape Reporting Features

Mailbox Statistics


Mailbox Folder Statistic

Mailbox Audit reporting

Send on Behalf and Send as

License usage

Quota reporting

ActiveSync usage and mobile device properties

Mailscape Monitoring Features

Client side network ports required for Exchange Online


POD connection verification

Intermediate network to Redmond

AD FS and DIRsync monitoring

Autodiscover, ActiveSync and OWA verification

Portal login testing

Certificate verification and expiration alerting

— Exchange Monitoring and Reporting

Mailscape proactively monitors your Exchange servers and prevents email outages. It provides visibility into how your messaging system is used by providing over 220 reports(see below) and supports Exchange 2013 and Hybrid deployments!

Mailscape exchange monitoring software streamlines the process for you and provides an intuitive, visual approach to Exchange monitoring and Exchange reporting. It makes your job of Exchange monitoring and Exchange reporting easier by presenting real-time data on all the vital information which directly impacts Exchange uptime via Mailscape’s Dashboard.

Mailscape’s advanced Exchange monitoring software and reporting capabilities, developed by Exchange experts; also performs regular health checks to ensure all vital aspects of your messaging system are running optimally. Mailscape automatically tests every few minutes, critical Exchange services, such as Internal and External Mail Flow, Outlook Web Access, Active Sync, Blackberry, Outlook Anywhere, and cluster health (CCR & DAG)and notifies (via email alerts) the help desk of any issues.

With Mailscape, you can quickly identify problem areas before they cause a mail outage, including:

  • Disk space monitoring including database and log drives
  • Message flow monitoring, including SMTP domain level reporting
  • Visually see when your Exchange 2010 Hub servers enter a Back Pressure state
  • Monitor Exchange 2007/10/13 CCR/DAG log replication
  • Receive alerts when your databases are not backed up
  • Confirm that your Exchange servers can access Global Catalogue servers
  • Full support for Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016  and Hybrid deployments

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