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The Enow licensing management software will help with the financial management and in addition, accountability by providing a key overview into your Microsoft Office 365 environment

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Enow’s Office 365 License Management Software

If  your finding that the native Microsoft tools providing basic licensing information is lacking, Enow’s Office 365 licensing management software is the answer and the solution for you!  Most organizations using Office 365 have stated that their licensing costs are out of control and expensive. For this reason,  they need help to manage them more cost effectively, so that they can make more informed decisions about their future licensing requirements.

Whereas, some folks attempt to do this manually and as a result regret it. They quickly realize that it is extremely time consuming and mistakes are often made, as a result.  In addition, they need to hire a person who is highly proficient with the Microsoft’s licensing,  which is extremely complicated and, again, costly.

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Eliminate  Hidden Costs

  • Identify users who have duplicate licenses that can be reassigned to others.
  • Why pay for the same thing twice?

  • Employees on occasion need add-on licenses like Project or PowerBi for one off projects
  • ENow identifies licenses that are inactive to be re-claimed for future use by others. This, once again, saves your organization money

  • For example, you have a subset of users who may have an expensive license that they are not leveraging.
  • Enow will specifically pinpoint those users and recommends an appropriate license.

  • In the event that your users have both E5 and E3 licenses, Enow’s licensing management software makes it much easier to keep track of them.
  • Whereas, users may have add-on licenses, like Project, that are already included in their license.

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