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Foresite SharePoint Server Monitoring and Reporting

ForeSite is a SharePoint Server monitoring and reporting utility that combines all the key elements for SharePoint server monitoring and reporting. The information provided by ForeSite ensures that your SharePoint Servers stay up and running

Views from SharePoint Server Monitoring and Reporting Tool

SharePoint Server Monitoring Overview

SharePoint Availability and Performance

Timer Job Service performance monitoring

Individual Timer Job alerting

Search & Index Service monitoring

Content Database and Site Quota alerts

Active Directory connectivity

Other Features of Sharepoint Server Monitoring

Disk Space
CPU & Memory
Windows Event monitoring
SharePoint Backup monitoring
SharePoint log monitoring
SQL and IIS monitoring

SharePoint Reporting Overview

Document reporting

Image library

Event lists

Contact lists

Announcement lists

InfoPath forms

Other Features of SharePoint Reporting

Document libraries
Portal by Number of Users
Portal & Site Overview

ForeSite Data Sheet


Need Help with SharePoint Server Monitoring and Reporting?

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