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Why QR Code Booking is the Future

QR code have mad a resurgence with COVID, which is why we believe QR code booking is the future. Restaurants are using them instead of physical menu, so it’s only natural they be brought into the workplace to make things easier for employees.

So, why is QR code booking the future? Well a few reasons.

QR code desk booking
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Everyone is already on their phones already on their phones

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone. Since your employees have the ability to connect to the internet through their pocket, why not make their life easier when booking a hot desk? It’s difficult and unwieldy to have to pull out your laptop to check into a hot desk when you might have to run to a quick meeting. Or, maybe your employee is running late for a Zoom call, make it easier for them so they can use their phone to check into the space and them jump right into their meeting.

Folks are looking for things that make their lives easier. We live in a society of convenience, so why not make things more convenient for your employee and yourself?

It is physical distancing friendly

It’s likely most people will be a bit germophobic after living through a pandemic. Using a QR code check-in system is SUPER physical and social distancing friendly in a few ways. One, the number of desks available for booking is completely flexible, so you can limit the number of people in the office, and how far away they sit from one another easily. Two, A person doesn’t need to touch anything to check-in, all they need to scan the QR code and follow the instructions. Finally, when using a QR code system through TableAir, there is a sanitization function built in, so once a person has left their desk the system flags that desk as needed for cleaning before it’s available for booking. Talk about ultra physical and social distancing friendly.

It’s simple and effective

When QR codes launched a few years ago, it seemed like they were popular and then they disappeared. They were popular in the first place because the code was able to help people in a quick and accessible way, while providing lots of information. That’s why they’re becoming popular again. QR code booking not only allows you to keep things simple and clean in the office, but if you use it across different locations, desk booking becomes a lot more effective because your employees know what to expect at each location. No need to learn different procedure, or figure out a new system for each location, everything is the same. And believe us, you employees, IT team and office manager will thank you.

Whether you’re looking to simply the workplace, or make it physical distance friendly, QR code booking is the future.


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