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Managing the new remote working normal

COVID-19 and work from home restrictions have really thrown a lot of companies for a loop when it comes to managing the new remote working normal. We’ve been asked the question, “how can we make remote working as easy as possible, both for employees and managers?”, which is a totally valid question.

If you’re looking for a few ways to make managing the new remote working normal easier, then you definitely need to read this. Especially if you need solutions yesterday.

Invest in a remote working or hotdesking software

Remote working isn’t going away. If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that employees like the possibility of remote working in some capacity. So, make life easier on your office manager and IT team (both now and in a post-pandemic world) and invest in a hotdesking software. You’ll obviously want one that is COVID friendly, meaning one that has functions for contact tracing and workspace sanitation. TableAir, one of our newer products is a perfect fit for this. You should also consider software that will make managing a transient workforce easy when folks are back in the office. Software like Resource Central make meeting room booking super easy, and you’ll also want an option that makes hot desk booking a breeze and is mobile friendly (millennials and Gen Zers will appreciate this).

Smart desk booking software

Ask for employee feedback – and listen

Since your employees are the reason you’re business is growing and functioning, ask them what they need and actually listen. Something that might seem trivial to C-suite management could be a deal breaker for folks who are the backbone in your organization. So, craft employee surveys with care and reflect upon them thoughtfully. Implement changes that are accessible across your organization, and most importantly, continuously check in with your employees. It’s not a one and done thing, especially since the future is so uncertain right now.

Provide schedule flexibility for employees and managers

From what we can tell, the biggest way for managing the new remote working normal successfully, is to provide schedule flexibility for everyone in your organization. With the work-life balance line being the most blurred it’s ever been, make sure giving your team flexibility so they have time to rest and recharge! Ensuring that your employees have the time they need to do stuff around the house, help kids while they’re being home schooled and all the other things that life entails will not only help them manage their life better, but they’ll be more productive at work too!

Even though we’re almost a year in the pandemic, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. Even though this is frustrating, there are always opportunities to help your organization in managing the new remote working normal. The more you look out for your team, the better it is for you!

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