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PST e-Discovery Features in PST Enterprise Help Win MSExchange Gold Award

PST Enterprise, with its PST e-Discovery Features

Help Win the Gold Award

PST e-Discovery with PST Enterprise


PST Enterprise has won the prestigious MSExchange .org Gold award, for PST Management, PST e-Discovery and solving many of the issues inherent to using PST’s within the Enterprise. This review was completed by Steve Goldman at Additionally, Gartner also recognizes C2C for its Enterprise Information Archiving and they are located in the Magic Quadrant for “Solid PST management capabilities”

PST Enterprise from C2C, with its PST Management and PST e-Discovery capabilities offers admins the ability to:

  • Control their organizations email environment
  • Reduces legal and corporate risks by making all of the information available to them and legal to review as well as protecting an organization from data loss
  • Implement retention policies and defensible deletion strategies, supports PST e-Discovery requests and allows an organization to adhere to compliance and information security standards

PST Enterprise can help with PST discovery, PST e-Discovery on network servers and workstations, along with helping with the migration  of PST data to a central location for importation into Exchange and or Office 365. And finally,  PST Enterprise  will assist in the deletion of all PST files which are no longer useful to the organization. With these capabilities, this will help with addressing your organization Information Governance policies and procedures.

For further information about our PST Management  and PST e-Discovery solutions, please click on this  highlighted e-Discovery software link. 

Please share this information with your colleagues or send us your questions, comments and feedback to:  Additionally, we appreciate your time and look forward to answering any PST e-Discovery or Information Governance questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733


PST Enterprise, with its PST e-Discovery Features Help Win the Gold Award


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