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Getting to the bottom of PST Discovery – the “Who” and the “How”

Getting to the bottom of PST Discovery – the “Who” and the “How”

The burgeoning issue of dealing with legacy PST files has become a particularly pressing problem for many organizations.  This is in part due to the battle over who actually owns the PST problem in the first place.  Corporations often get bogged down in the minutiae of managing vs. the expediency of resolving. This is where e-discovery software can help.  Get past “who” owns the problem and get to the “how” of resolving it, deploying software that will allow you to quickly navigate from point a  to point b whether that’s across the office, across a set of remote workstations or across the continent!

On average, users have five PST files.  They move PST’s, delete PST’s, copy them and either connect or disconnect PST’s to Outlook at random intervals. Add to this the highly mobile nature of business today with laptops, tablets, smart phones and employees working offsite and PST discovery, tracking and defensibility of your email accounts becomes even more problematic.

When and organization is tasked with a PST Discovery project,  retrieving PST’s from remote workstations or laptops and transferring to the central server, organizations face a number of possible doomsday scenarios.  They risk losing content, modifying it accidentally when copied, or consuming too much bandwidth while moving it around.  Under any of these scenarios, data is potentially being moved three separate times! Time consuming and money wasting, E-discovery software management tools like those offered by C2C, help eliminate these concerns and alleviate waste and duplication.

Efficient e-discovery and e-disclosure management software protect the end user against data loss and help put your organization in a legally defensible position.

PST Enterprise for example helps you identify, manage, migrate or eliminate PST files allowing centralized storage and back up while reducing your costs. Regardless of the software tool your organization chooses, the importance of placing a proper emphasis on pre-planning and setting realistic expectations around the management of PST’s and PST Discovery and e-discovery software cannot be overstated.  Utilizing software that is accessible and non-invasive (no software install required) ensures your data migrates from the source with no need to clog up the central server. No longer will employees argue over “who” owns the problem, instead they will accept the accolades for “how” they managed email using great e-discovery software tools that resolved any PST legacy issues.

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Getting to the bottom of PST Discovery – the “Who” and the “How”


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