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Blurred Lines – Not the Song But the Line Between IM and eDiscovery

Blurred Lines

Not the song but the line between IM and eDiscovery!

Information Management(IM) can and does benefit eDiscovery but only if “it is designed to be able to search the companies’ data regardless of where it is stored.” In other words, as long as the lines between the storage of information and the process for discovering that information are not blurred, IM and eDiscovery can work together. But if you don’t know the potential location(s) of your data or even, where IM starts and eDiscovery ends, the process will be expensive and the lines between? Very blurred indeed.

 eDiscovery | Information Governance

Effective IM is put in place before there is a problem and helps to reduce the overall cost of eDiscovery. How? Let’s use email as an example. It exists in many different locations including: a live inbox, an archived mailbox, held in a public folder or in an individual user’s own personal desktop. Sorting through such a vast volume of data and attempting to separate the wheat from the chaff is onerous, costly and time-consuming. In fact, you may even end up with unnecessary duplication, searching the same information in a multitude of ways over and over.

eDiscovery | Information Management

In the end, an organization must make a distinct effort to deploy Information Management solutions that will streamline and manage their data (deleting anything irrelevant, redundant or duplicated) long before any eDiscovery process becomes necessary.

Great Information Management software (like C2C’s ArchiveOne) creates opportunities for a company’s information to be stored effectively and efficiently and in the process enables its easy discoverability. If, using IM software, only relevant information is stored, no time is wasted collecting and reviewing redundant, superfluous and duplicated data. A company that hasn’t deployed IM solutions to manage their data has likely over-retained information altogether. They have blurred the lines between information storage and information discovery making it unclear what should be kept and what and how it then becomes discoverable. Ediscovery can be expensive. Engaging in IM upfront will reduce associated costs and help keep all lines (whether it’s email communications, data storage and/or retrieval and all other corporate data) very clear indeed.

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Blurred Lines

Not the song but the line between IM and eDiscovery!

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