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Data Security | Classification – Avoiding the Oops

Avoiding the Oops!  Data Security | Classification

In our increasingly social media age we have all at some point or another committed this mistake, sometimes with catastrophic effect and sometimes it’s just a minor blip on the organizational radar.  What are we talking about? Emails that go astray.  The kinds of words you say next might be unprintable depending on whether this was a little oopsy or a whopper of a mistake.  But did you know that there are solutions out there for even this kind of mistake? This might be the last time you ever say oops (or some other unprintable word) again!

Data Security | Compliance is, on the scale of importance to organizations, approaching “Defcom 5” status.  No one can really afford the kinds of mistakes you occasionally hear about in the news.  The damage to a corporation when massive volumes of information (be it customer files or confidential medical data) get released accidentally into the ether can be catastrophic. You probably wish there was a tool, cost effective and easily implemented, that would prevent your employees from hitting that “send” button before data travels somewhere it isn’t supposed to go.  Now there is: “Titus Classification Suite.” 

Data Security | Classification

Titus prompts the user to classify the sensitivity of emails and documents using a set of criteria that’s established within your organization and that makes sense for your business.  As an example, whatever your classification scheme, “Internal Message Only” or “External” or “Public,” the software will prompt the sender, through a pop up warning message, when they are attempting to send something “internally classified” to an external source.  The prompts encourage the user to go back and fix the message or change the recipient list. WOW! Crisis avoided through use of a simple technology and since we rely on technology so exclusively, why not rely on something proven like Titus Classification Suite to avoid the oops?

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Avoiding the Oops! Data Security | Classification



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