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Finding a Conference Room or Hotdesk when you need it, is that ever a Problem?

Finding a Conference Room or Hotdesk When You Need It

When you need a conference room or hotdesk, do you find that there are none available? But when you physically go and check to see if any are free, a lot of them seem empty? You get frustrated and ask yourself, “why don’t people cancel their bookings when they are no longer required?”  We often hear that complain when we are demoing our “on demand or outlook room booking software” solutions.

We have been able to address this problem, by offering two solutions which will assist users with “on-demand” instant booking of any conference room or hotdesk or our “outlook room scheduling” solution, which can be used for booking a conference room or hotdesk which may be needed later today, tomorrow, next week or next month. All of these products are integrated with Exchange and Office 365.


ResourceXpress, is our “On Demand Booking” software solution, which can instantly book a conference room or Conference Room or Hotdesk Booking
hotdesk  via interactive floor plan or touch screen outside the conference room or hotdesk and it instantly shows up in Exchange and Outlook. To eliminate the “No Show” issue, we can configure the software to automatically cancel a reservation after 5 or 10 minutes of the prescribed start time, if the user hasn’t checked in. This conference or hotdesk will then show up in Exchange and Outlook as being available. Thus freeing up these resources quicker, when users forget to cancel or don’t show up for their scheduled meeting.

Alternatively, you can use Resource Central, our “Outlook Room Scheduling” software in conjunction with Qubi,  to Outlook Room Scheduling - Conference Room or Hotdesk Bookingbook  a conference room or hotdesk for a meeting which may occur tomorrow, next week or next month. If the user then decides that they don’t need that conference room or hotdesk station and forgets to cancel the reservation, our Qubi unit can be configured to automatically cancel the exchange/outlook booking/reservation after 5 or 10 minutes of the prescribed start time, if the user hasn’t checked in. Thus freeing it up quicker for others to use.  By deploying  these technologies, organization can have better utilization of these expensive resources and reduce user frustration and allow them to find a conference room or hot desk when they really need it.


Please click here  for further information or you can find more information about our Conference Room or Hotdesk Booking software and our other Resource Management Suite of products, by going to  our web site  and click on our Resource Booking solutions section- .  We look forward to answering any Resource Management/  Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us for FREE at 1 (800) 263-8733 for further information.

Finding a Conference Room or Hotdesk When You Need It.

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