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Will Workspace|Hotdesk Booking Solutions Become the Norm in 2020?

Will Workspace|Hotdesk Booking Solutions Become the Norm in 2020?

Recently, my wife and I were flying back from Spain and while on route, I read an interesting article about trends in the workforce. It said, “forty percent of the workforce will be freelancers and solopreneurs by 2020”. I found this statement surprising, but after thinking about it, it certainly made a lot of sense and I believe that this will occur.
After reflecting on this, I thought in order to accommodate freelancers and solopreneurs day to day work requirements, organizations will need to provide these mobile workers with easy to use flexible tools/technologies which will allow them to book a workspace|hotdesk, conference room and other ancillary services quickly and efficiently. These technologies will need to address on demand booking and future booking of these resources with access either via their desktop or via mobile devices.

Workspace|HotdeskAfter further thought, a few possible scenarios came to mind: If they were working from home and knew that they needed to be in the office next Tuesday, they would need a tool which would allow them to book a workspace|hotdesk or conference room for that day.




Alternatively, if they were in transit and realize they needed a workspace or conference room for a 2 PM meeting, they Workspace|Hotdeskwould want a solution which would provide this functionality via their mobile device. Or, if they were in the office and they needed a hotdesk or conference room “now”, for 4 hours, these workers would need a quick and efficient option to allow them to walk up to an empty conference room and check it’s availability i.e. pulling up an interactive floor plan on a digital sign outside that conference room or viewing an interactive floor map in a central lobby kiosk and allow them to book any available conference room immediately.

Once I thought this through and determined what they needed to perform their daily tasks, I concluded that we are able to provide these solutions today. Our current product selection can easily satisfy any organizations current and future freelance and solopreneurs workspace|hotdesk and conference room scheduling requirements.

Furthermore, our solutions, will help organizations with improving their external staff’s motivation by offering them technologies to easily and efficiently book these resources and their organization will realize the benefits of maximizing productivity of their freelancers and solopreneurs time while they are working under contract for their firm.

Please click here for further information or you can find more information about our Conference Room or Workspace|Hotdesk Booking software and our other Resource Management Suite of products, by going to our web site and click on our Resource Booking solutions section- . We look forward to answering any Resource Management/ Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us for FREE at 1 (800) 263-8733 for further information.

Workspace|Hotdesk Booking Solutions

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