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Will your office workspace look like this in 2020?

What will your office workspace look like in 2020?

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about office workspace of the future and she referred me to a Youtube video published by Deloitte. The video describes their vision of “Their office workspace of the Future” and it is currently being built now and will soon be available for employee use. Their workspace is an open concept and will comprises of 4 distinct areas:

  1. Social areas for Face to Face connections
  2. Tech Enabled Teaming areas for wide variety of work sessions
  3. Privacy areas for discreet conversations
  4. Quiet areas to concentrate on focused work.

After seeing this video, it cemented in my mind, that a number of different technologies are necessary to enable a vision like this.

So, if your organization is considering something similar to this, there will be a number of technologies which need to Workspace Managementbe reviewed. One area will be the scheduling and managing of any available workspace. As space will always be at a premium and with staff wanting access to these spaces, a solution for allowing users to book various floor spaces quickly and easily, either via their desktops/laptops or mobile devices, will be a necessity.





Workspace Management


Furthermore, users will also want the ability to walk up to a kiosk and book the workspace or seating areas, on the spot.






Aditionally, there will likely be a need for solution which will help the users manage their bookings and cancellation of Workspace Managementworkspaces along with a system which will help the organization to free up unused workspace which are inadvertently booked and not canceled. And finally, these solutions will need to have integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.


To address these requirements, our technology solutions provide both on demand and advanced booking features for conference rooms and workspaces. Additionally, our tools will assist users in maximizing the utilization of these workspaces, by providing check-in and check-out capabilities for workspaces and conference rooms.

For further information about our Conference Room or Workspace|Hotdesk Booking software and our Resource Management Suite of products, go to our web site by clicking on our Resource Booking solutions section- We look forward to answering any Resource Management questions you may have; please contact us for FREE at 1 (800) 263-8733 for further information.

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