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Exchange Monitoring | Office 365 Monitoring

Going Hybrid – It’s not Just for saving Gas!

Hybrid deployment takes the pressure off your premise to cloud migration.

 Exchange Monitoring | Office 365 Monitoring

With so many organizations making the move to Exchange Online (with Office 365) email migration is becoming a large, all-encompassing project for companies, one that would strike fear into the heart of any team in charge of making such a change. Using the  “Cut-over” methodology risks leaving you vulnerable so many companies opt instead for the Hybrid approach. Much like some vehicles are now equipped with both fuel and hydro-electric power – hybrid migration gives you the best of both worlds while not leaving you vulnerable and relying on only a single source of power.

The hybrid approach simply means during a hybrid deployment some mailboxes are moved online while others remain on existing Exchange servers. Hybrid accommodates the way an organization grows without leaving it holding “all of its eggs in one basket.” Having all data in a single place leaves you vulnerable to outage while hybrid gives you multiple options.

Hybrid deployment for example, leaves less room for error or data loss. A scheduled deployment means less potential disruption for the end user and it allows administrators to review emails for content that could be archived. There are challenges to this method of course, not the least of which is that it’s complex setting up both cloud and on – premise mailboxes and it require knowledge of directory and federation services. The process must also be closely monitored and managed throughout.

The task is made even more difficult in that there is no standard methodology documented and validated by Microsoft to complete it.  As a result, many users are turning to Mailscape for Exchange Online to ensure a smooth transition. It automatically tests networking components, mail flow and more through such features as Network Port Verification, Microsoft End Point verification and True ADFS functionality testing (to name just a few.) Additionally, it helps users before migration even begins through the creation of specific reports that helps estimate the amount of data that must be moved.

Hybrid, with the help of Mailscape for Exchange Online, helps to assure the seamless migration from on-premise to cloud for the end user. The hybrid approach will help make sure that your car doesn’t run out of gas, while making the switch to electric power!

One of our partners Enow has a great On Prem or Hybrid Exchange Monitoring | Office 365 Monitoring solution which would assist with managing your Hybrid Exchange Environment. To learn more about our Exchange Monitoring | Office 365 Monitoring Solutions , please click here or you can find more e-Mail Management and ediscovery and information governance resources on our web site and we look forward to answering any questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733

 Exchange Monitoring | Office 365 Monitoring

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