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Information Governance | eDiscovery

Information Governance | eDiscovery


Part of the problem when it comes to IG (Information Governance) is that many organizations simply aren’t clear about what IG is, what it means to them and what’s involved in initiating an IG project.  The IGI report helps identify and provide clarity on the first point, so that those responsible for IG can achieve the second – a successful project implementation. It starts by clearly defining IG stating: “IG is the activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs.” Armed with this clear definition and knowing (as statistics tell us) that over 58% of practitioners point to project starts taking 12 months or longer, IG proponents can now seek budget and project approvals with a clear and realistic definition of what an IG project actually entails. The report identifies key questions organizations must ask in identifying the extent of their IG issue, critical since most enterprise only know they have a problem (not what the problem is) and that their enterprise storage capacity seems to grow exponentially every year (along with the cost of its maintenance!)

 Information Governance | eDiscovery


Now, with rising eDiscovery costs, questions like the following will be crucial to determining the extent and scope of an IG project.  They include:

  • How much total enterprise storage does the organization currently have (including cloud)?

  • How much of that storage is currently in use?

  • Do you have any sensitive data in unsecure storage? And

  • How is data classified and what data isn’t yet classified? (1)


The Acaveo “Smart Information Server” file analysis platform is one of the fastest emerging analytics tools available to organizations looking to start their Information Governance | Ediscovery process. It provides fast, easy and scalable solutions for gaining insight into enterprise information so organizations can take control of storage issues. Acaveo has made this program available through its Discover Program to “give InfoGov practitioners the ammunition they need to build the business case and have an informed starting point for successful InfoGov initiatives.” (2) With a tool such as Smart Information Server and this kind of clarity provided by the IGI, the successful implementation of an IG project, understandable in scope and with budget allocated appropriately, is virtually guaranteed.


Please share this information with your colleagues or send us your questions, comments and feedback to: . Additionally, if you would like to download a full copy of Acaveo’s Information Governance white paper, please click here or you can find more  information governance | eDiscovery resources on our web site and we look forward to answering any Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733

Information Governance | eDiscovery

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