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Data Centric Security | File Analysis. What you need to know!

Data Centric Security | File Analysis

Data Centric Security | File Analysis has become a topic of growing importance due to the emergence of ever increasing volumes of employee -generated data.  With storage on the cloud, the massive amounts of content stored in places like Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Office 365 and more, combined with employees sharing data across multiple collaborative platforms (and as much as 75% of this deemed unstructured) a data-centric security | file analysis approach has never been more important. File Analysis is one of the newest technologies available to address or augment data-centric security.

If you already have a robust data-centric security profile, what can File Analysis do for you? Essentially, file analysis will help you build and maintain a comprehensive inventory, across multiple repositories with minimal impact to end – users.  It provides operational intelligence over an organizations data acting as “the central window that makes it easy to know a variety of data-centric insights,” including:

  • The kinds of data that exist
  • Distribution of data by various traits
  • How things are classified
  • Data that isn’t yet classified
  • Data that is orphaned and much more. (1)

A good File Analysis technology will also provide clarity around access rights and data ownership by building and maintaining a data inventory and correlating access rights to a rich identity index because it can work across multiple on-premises and cloud silos. It also complements existing data leak prevention, rights management and encryption tools.  The core of effective File Analysis technology is in both its scale and simplicity along with its ability to provide a comprehensive central inventory of data. 

Data Centric Security | File Analysis 

File analysis products will “satisfy tagging, reporting, cloud migration, defensible deletion, eDiscovery collection and storage tiering use cases.” (2) This functionality is critical as organizations face the ever – increasing challenge of data that is structured, semi-structured and unstructured and located across multiple platforms.  Undertaking a comprehensive and high-level consideration of File Analysis technology will only augment and add value to an organizations existing data-centric security technology.  For data governance and security consideration this is important information to keep in mind as you seek to assess and protect data when making your next technology investment decision.

Please share this information with your colleagues or send us your questions, comments and feedback to: . Additionally, if you would like to download a full copy of Acaveo’s Information Governance white paper, please click here or you can find more  Data Centric Security | File Analysis resources on our web site and we look forward to answering any Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733 

Data Centric Security | File Analysis.

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