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Resource Booking with Outlook/Exchange

Resource Booking with Outlook/Exchange

As organizations grow in size and expand nationally and internationally, maximizing the use of all resources like conference rooms or workspaces or hotdesks and improving employee productivity is critical. To address these issues, most organization have deployed Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to improve productivity and make it easier for resource booking and conference room scheduling. Even though Exchange has a lot of strengths, it lacks some additional functionality organizations are requiring. For example, they want the ability to find and book on demand a conference room via a touch screen or kiosk or be able to schedule a meeting space next week easily via outlook or a mobile device. They want the ability to book ancillary services, like catering, selecting a floor plan for each room, video conferencing equipment or any service or function associated with the booking of conference rooms or hotdesks. Most importantly, they want this functionality accessible via Exchange and Outlook or Office 365.

To address this, a number of niche companies have developed a suite of 3rd party software utilities which enhance this resource booking process and offer the ability to schedule conference rooms and hotdesks, either on demand or into the future all via Outlook and Exchange or office 365. There are essentially two camps, software companies who have developed their 3rd party application by layering on top of Exchange and utilizing exchange’s inherent infrastructure, where others have developed their application within SQL data base and link their application back to Exchange. We have found that the solutions which layer their application on top of Exchange or Office 365, are more effective because they don’t have to develop or support all of the security and infrastructure which is already inherent within Exchange. Exchange acts as the glue and ties these applications together and application synchronization doesn’t play a factor in this equation.

Resource-BookingOur solution includes, Resource Central which provides resource booking, conference room scheduling and booking of ancillary services via Outlook and mobile devices.






On-Demand Hot Desk-Hoteling-Resource Booking

For on demand booking of conference rooms via touch screens outside conference rooms or via a Kiosk, we offer ResourceXpress which provides these on demand booking capabilities.




Please click here or you can find more information about our Outlook Resource Booking and Resource Management Suite of products, or go to our  our web site for our Resource Booking solutions. We look forward to answering any Resource Management/  Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us for FREE at 1 (800) 263-87331 for further information.

Resource Booking with Outlook/Exchange


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