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Tips for Heading Back to the Office

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By now you’ve probably had a conversation with your boss or your team about heading back into the office. Whether it’s having everyone working from home permanently (and only coming in for meetings), or if you’re going to just make your workplace more flexible and offer your employees the option of working from the home or office, you’re going to need to start thinking about that transition.

We’ve been in the workspace and resource management game for a long time now, so we’ve picked up our fair share of knowledge in this area. You’re definitely going to want to look at these tips for heading back into the office. They’ll help you adjust to and prepare for what our new normal will look like.

Make sure you have a desk booking software

When folks start working from home permanently and only come into the office from time to time for meetings and important events, you’ll need to have a desk booking software on-hand to manage that part of your workforce. It will quickly become chaotic if you don’t have software to help people keep track of the workspace they’ve booked for the day when they’re in the office. Using programs like TableAir or Resource Central will not only keep your remote workforce organized, but you can integrate them in different operating systems!

Continue practicing physical distancing

This pandemic is far from over. Make sure your employees are able to practice physical distancing. Avoid having meetings in enclosed space. Ensure they have access to face masks and hand sanitizer. Furthermore, make sure that the folks who are coming into the office are able to work at least 6 ft. apart. Having a desk booking software like TableAir or Resource Central will help you and your team manage this and ensure everyone can work safely, in case you don’t have any hockey sticks on hand.

Have a meeting with your janitorial staff to ensure staff safety

You may need to have your janitorial staff coming around and sanitizing surfaces much more often to ensure your staff’s safety. Also, having a talk with your staff and ensuring folks clean up after themselves and wipe down surfaces will help keep everyone safe and protected from germs. All of this is to ensure that folks don’t get sick when they come into the office, and it will help your staff feel safer and more comfortable, which in turn means more efficiency and a happier workforce.

Following all of these tips will make heading back into the office a lot easier both for you, as the person managing the transition and for your employees. You’ll make your life easier with the organizational and logistical question of managing a remote or transient workforce, and your employees will feel comfort and safe coming into work knowing that measures have been taken to take care of them, and their health.


Also, please note that these are only tips for heading back into the office. We’re simply trying to get you thinking of different ways to help provide for your team and employees. Please refer to the CDC for any medical information about sanitization or protection against illness. 

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