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Have You Ever Experienced a Friday Morning Emergency eDiscovery Request?

Have You Ever Experienced a Friday Morning Emergency eDiscovery Request?

“eDiscovery | Email Search | PST search | PST Discovery”

eDiscovery | Email Search | PST search | PST Discovery

What do you do when your CIO comes into your office at 930 AM on a Friday morning and says,  “There has been an urgent eDiscovery request from Legal and we need to search all of our Exchange mailboxes and users PST files and get them results by Monday morning!  Use this date range and these keywords!”

 The first thing you do is assess and try what tools immediately available to you. While this is going on, you are asking yourself “will these tools provide the necessary results by Monday”?  After an hour of testing, you realize that they will take you a month of Sundays to get the required results.  It’s now 10:30 and the clock is ticking, a decision has to be made quickly. Should you use the existing tools, or purchase a third party utility. You elect to go with a 3rd party solution for your eDiscovery request.

Searching Google, as usual, displays copious results.  You have to find 3 alternatives which address:

  • ease of installation,
  • ease of use,
  • ability to perform eDiscovery, Email Search, PST search and PST discovery
  • Reasonable cost

After researching the options for 2 hours, you select the three best alternatives, you contact the vendors and inquire about their licensing details and costs. Its 12:30, legal is getting impatient, and in the back of your mind your thinking “I don’t want to be working all weekend on this project “You are scared because you really don’t have much time to test, you don’t have much time to check references, or evaluate resources.  But you are under the gun, so you select the first vendor who gets back to you and cross your fingers. 

Could this happen to you? Yes it could, as this is what has happened to others.  So to avoid this, you should have an eDiscovery strategy  and solution in place. It will save you a lot of time, reduce the errors and decrease your stress levels substantially.

To learn more about our eDiscovery, Email Search, PST Search and PST Discovery solutions by on the link below.

 eDiscovery | Email Search | PST search | PST Discovery


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