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“There has got to be a better way for Meeting Room Booking!”

“There has got to be a better way for Meeting Room Booking !”

Do you inwardly groan when it’s your turn to book a meeting?  Is your team relying on an ever decreasing pool of administrative resources to help you with details like booking meeting rooms and planning catering? With corporations everywhere looking for ways to increase their ROI it’s probably even occurred to you that “this should be automated, there has got to be a better way!” Well, now there is.  Saving your company both time and money, there is now a software tool available that takes planning from complicated to complete in just two minutes.

 Meeting Room Booking

In one survey of over 1500 managers and administrative staff, it’s estimated as many as five hours per week are spent on planning and booking meetings, finding meeting space and determining catering requirements.  These numbers were based on small to mid size firms – just imagine how much more they are multiplied in large national or international organizations. If you could reduce meeting planning time to just two minutes your return on investment would be realized within the first few bookings.  Using the Add-On products software tool “Exchange Meeting Room Booking Software” will enable your team to achieve new levels of efficiency, reduce waste from catering overages and decrease overhead costs like heating and electricity that are often associated with the underutilization of unused meeting room space. 

Effective resource utilization isn’t just about employees, it’s about your facilities too.  Providing staff with a tool that not only maximizes efficiencies in booking rooms and planning meeting details, it also ensures efficient use of all your firm’s physical resources.  “No room goes to waste” when you use Meeting Room Booking Software and no staff time goes to waste completing tasks inefficiently.  When staff is liberated from mundane tasks like booking rooms, they are available to complete more important and more challenging tasks thereby increasing overall productivity. Because both your internal staff and external service providers can access the Exchange Meeting Room Booking Software, there is no waste, no communications breakdowns or confusion and the optimal use of building resources / meeting rooms and hot desks is assured.

Automate your booking systems all in one place with the easy to use, one – step, “Exchange Meeting Room Booking Software” by Add-On Products, a Microsoft Certified Partner.  It really is that simple.  The task you probably thought should be automated now is. Take the complication out of meeting planning today with software that works smarter for a better tomorrow.

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To learn more about our Exchange Meeting Room Booking solutions by on the link below.

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