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Data Leakage in never a good thing!

Data Leakage in never a good thing!


Whether it’s the roof of your house, a wound from the kitchen knife or data flowing from your organization,  leakage is never a good thing. Almost always, that leak was caused by a person. The wind blows off some of your shingles or you cut yourself with the knife chopping veggies for tonight’s dinner. It’s the same with data. Your users are the ungovernable in this scenario. Software is designed to clearly define where data is stored but data leakage, whether intentional or unintentional, is defined as the “distribution of data outside your infrastructure, such as an email being sent that has proprietary information.” (1) Add to this scenario any issues of data that is stored within the environment but where no one expects it to be and then you have a problem!

Data Leakage

Don’t worry.  Sherpa not only identifies problems for you, we design solutions too and the best news is sometimes we even do it for free! When attempting to identify data leakage, most everyone does think of email first and email is easily searchable first and foremost because many of us keep our emails and secondly, because administrators know where emails are centralized. Finding other data, like word documents however, might be more problematic because they could be anywhere. The solution is SherpaView. 

With SherpaView, our free, standard information governance review tool, organizations can create and view visual reports that offer standardized views in such areas as ROT (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial) Information, Intellectual Property or Inventory Information. It does this through utilization of ARMA’s IG Assessment tool and Sherpa’s Altitude IG visual reporting. Working together they meet GARP standards, can be conducted remotely, are simple to do and did I mention – FREE.  

ARMA and Sherpa believe that organizations “should be able to conduct an IG review that is fast, easy, and meets the highest professional standards.”(2) They utilize Software-as-a-Service systems and require only a one hour teleconference to start. They might not be able to stop and/or fix that Lego toilet dump but they can help you staunch the flow from your organization.

Please share this information with your colleagues or send us your questions, comments and feedback to: . Please click here or you can find more information on Sherpa’s SherpaView resources on our web site and we look forward to answering any Data leakage,  Information Governance | eDiscovery questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733 FREE

Data Leakage in never a good thing!

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