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Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking solutions, Are they a Fad or a Necessity?

Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking Solutions

Hotdesking | Hoteling booking solutions allow employees to easily collaborate and share ideas with co-works becausHotdesking | Hoteling booking solutionse of their close proximity and this results in increased performance and productivity. Additionally, these solutions reduce real estate costs because organizations only need to provide hotdesking | hoteling booking solutions to a fraction of their organizations mobile workforce since they are either out on the road or working from their home office.

According to Forbes, they say that “by 2020, the average amount of space per employee will drop to 150 square feet, down from 400 in 1985. Furthermore, more employee are working remotely, and companies can save millions of dollars by shrinking their offices”. These are some very interesting stats and I feel that this will become more commonplace as we approach 2020.

With this changing environment, organizations are also realizing that to keep of their younger more tech savvy employees, they need to offer these employees work environments which offer multi-facet office spaces that give them options. For example: bookable workspaces and meeting areas, flexible furniture, quiet zones so that they can concentrate and focus on specific tasks or lounge areas where they can collaborate and share ideas with their colleagues. All of these requirements are changing the traditional workspace environments and will become increasing more important as we near the 2020.

To address these very issues, we have recently expanded our suite of resource management software products to include advanced and on – demand booking of conference rooms and hotdesking | hoteling booking solutions. It is very clear that the hotdesking | hoteling booking solutions are becoming an important business tool, rather than a nice to have in today’s business environment.

For further information about our Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking Solutions software and our entire Resource Management Suite of products, go to our web site by clicking on our Resource Booking solutions section We look forward to answering any Resource Management questions you may have; please contact us for FREE at 1 (800) 263-8733 for further information.

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