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Workspace Management Solutions, Are they important to the office of the Future?

Workspace Management solutions, Are they important to the Office of the Future?

After reading several articles about workspace management and the office of the future, there were several questions which immediately came to mind.

  1. What do the employees of the future (the millennials) want in terms of work environments?
  2. What are organization doing to optimize their current and future workspaces?
  3. What technologies are organizations implementing to address these requirements?

In order to address the office of the future and workspace management, organizations must understand what the current and future employees wish to have within their work environment. Once they understand that, they can then create and implement workspace management solutions which address the changing work environments of today and tomorrow. The current and future workforce envision work environments which are:

  • Using green technology solutions to assist with their work processes.Workspace Management
  • Offering them challenges
  • working in collaborative environments verse competitive work environments
  • offering flexible work environments and schedules
  • using current technology to allow them to embrace technology to its fullest extent
  • providing access to real time information for efficient decision making
  • Offering work life balance so they can be as efficient as possible while at work and provide easy access to their work environments while they are off site or working from home.

To address these needs, organizations need to create a more robust collaborative workspace environment, which include new workspace management technologies for their offices. I found an excellent article from the IMA (Internet Marketing Association) and it feature a blog posting and YouTube video from Ware Malcomb (a multi-faceted architecture and interior design firm) which helps . They describe the process they went through in designing the new office space which address the current and future workforce requirements.

As part of their vision, technology plays a very important role in these new environments. In particular, the workspace management and resource management solutions are now being deployed to automate and assist with the booking of conference rooms, additional services associated are needed for the use of conference rooms and booking hot desks or hoteling stations. By deploying these solutions, staff far more productive because they are spending less time organizing rooms and spaces to work in, organization are realizing increased productive, improved staff moral and cost savings by way of their resources being used more efficiently. All in all, everyone is winning.

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