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Does Your Resource Management Software Improve the Booking of Extra Services?

Does Your Resource Management Software Improve the Booking of  Extra Services?

Generally speaking, most organization considering a Resource Management solution, wish to automate the booking process for catering services. Why, users cancel or change meeting for a variety of reasons, but sometimes neglect to cancel or change the catering requests for their meetings. This results in food being delivered for a previously cancelled meeting or when a meeting time was changed,  catering wasn’t notified and the meeting organizer is pacing the halls wondering why the food hasn’t shown up for an important 12:30 meeting. These and many more examples are reasons why organizations want to automate this process.

Resource Management-Catering
Resource Management-Catering

So when you take a closer look at catering, it can be complex and sometimes challenging to provide solutions for. Therefore the solution must allow users to book, change and cancel meetings and if catering services are required for their meetings, the system must notify the department or external vendor of the booking, change or cancellation of their catering services. This way when the user cancels or changes the meeting, the ancillary services i.e. catering are also canceled or changed at the same time. When selecting a Resource Management solution to address the booking of catering services, the catering module should include electronic order forms with the following capabilities:

  • Exchange/Outlook integration to allow users to book meetings and catering services via outlook.
  • The ability to design and use multiple order forms which can be assigned to any resource/conference room
  • They need the ability to order food and have different order forms assigned to a specific location or meeting room.
  • The order forms need to have the smarts to figure out the appropriate menu for the appropriate time. For example, display a lunch menu when you select 12:00 PM for the food to be delivered or
  • They need to have the capabilities of offering different types of services during different time zones. For example, if you are having a conference call spanning across the country through multiple time zones, the order form must be able to handle these different time zones and order the appropriate food items for each location.
  • The software needs to have a versatile workflow engine on the back end so that it can route the appropriate tasks to the correct group to deliver the appropriate services.
  • The order forms must have the ability to assign specific pricing for items on the menu for various locations. For example, if you were to book a video conference between New York and London in the UK and need coffee to be served @ 10:30 in New York and tea served @ 3:30 PM in the UK. The electronic order form for coffee in New York would be a different price and currency then the order form for the London UK location.

As you can see there are many options to consider when dealing with catering. So when reviewing various resource management solutions, pay particular attention to the way the vendors organize and manages their catering functions. Your users will appreciative of a resource management solution which is well thought out and can address’s these requirements.

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