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Are Workplace-Resource Management Solutions Justifiable?

Workplace-Resource Management solutions,

are they hard to Justify?

One of the common questions some of our current customers have asked prior to purchasing a workplace-resource management software solutions is, “How do we justify the cost of these types of technologies”? There appears to be a misconception that these types of solution are far too costly to justify, but there not. Senior Managers within any organization are under pressure to reduce real estate costs and use their existing space efficiently. They are asking their staff, “how much is it really costing our organization to book a conference room/workspaces, are there a more efficient and less costly methods to book these resources and are we maximizing the utilization of our current conference rooms and workspaces?” They are finding that the answers to these three simple questions surprising and that the soft and hard costs are higher than they think.

One of the methods to determine the cost of booking a conference room, is by using an ROI-Calculator, which are readily available and they can assist with calculating the amount of time it takes for someone to book a conference room. This time can then be assigned a cost by calculating what a person costs per hour and then multiplying that cost by the number of meeting rooms they book on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Once this has been calculated, they then can look at the time savings a person would realize by deploying a workplace-resource management software solution. In most cases they find that the time saving/cost saving are significant.

Another area to help justify the cost of these technologies, is to understand how much real estate workspace-resource management areas take up and determine how they are being utilized. According to the design firm HOK space utilization study, where a survey of more than 6,000 seats, revealed that 48% of employee workstations and offices are unoccupied throughout the day, with about 17% of spaces temporarily occupied throughout the day.  By deploying workspace-resource managementworkplace-resource management technologies, they would be able to improve the utilization factor of their existing workplace-resource management areas. For example, these technologies provide quick matches to user requests by suggesting the correct size of room for their meetings and providing managers with analysis tools on how the rooms are being used, how often meeting rooms or workspaces are booked and never cancelled when not being needed and determine which rooms/workspaces are rarely used. With this information, managers can then quantify the true costs of these resources and suggest possible alternatives to improve or reduce their under-utilized workspace-resource management real estate.

For further information about our Workspace-Resource Management, Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking Product Suite and our entire Workspace-Management Solutions Product Suite , go to our web site and click on our Resource Booking solutions section. We look forward to answering any Workspace-Resource Management questions you may have.

Workplace-Resource Management solutions

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