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Flexible Workspaces, Will your Organization Benefit from Them?

Flexible Workspaces, Will your Organization Benefit from Them?

Flexible workspaces are becoming the norm for future office spaces designs. The reason for this is that more people will be working remotely due to organizations wishing to reduce real estate costs, employee demand, and technological changes within the work environment. According to a recent web survey about teleworking carried out by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) across 212 companies of different sizes in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, the companies surveyed said that offering their employees the opportunity to telecommute increased productivity (67%), reduced costs (59%), improved employee skills (39%), bolstered staff retention (37%) and reduced health problems (25%). These statistics offer organizations very compelling reasons to offer flexible workspaces to all of their full time and contract staff members.

One of the challenges organizations are dealing with is, “how do you manage the flexible workspaces within your Flexible Workspacesorganization?” An organizations workspace may consist of multiple forms of flexible workspaces which could be multiple hot desks or hotel workstations, conference rooms with fixed and moveable partitions and offices with collapsible walls.  All of these forms of workspaces would  require a solution to manage them. It should offer the capabilities of advanced or on demand booking of these work areas, have the ability to select the desired location and configuration of the workspaces required and provide additional ancillary services which would be required within the individual flexible workspaces. Additionally, they will need a solution to manage “no shows”, analytics tools to monitor the resource utilization and provide a fault logging systems for defective equipment within the individual flexible workspaces.

For further information about our Workspace-Resource Utilization Management, Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking Product Suite and our entire Workspace-Management Solutions Product Suite , go to our web site and click on our Resource Booking solutions section. We look forward to answering any Workspace-Resource Management questions you may have.


Flexible Workspaces

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