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Workspace Utilization Occupancy Monitoring

Workspace Utilization-Occupancy Monitoring

Is it Necessary?

Workspace Utilization-Occupancy Monitoring is sometimes overlooked when an organization is embarking upon a revitalization intuitive of their office space. This type of technology can be used as an important tool in a project like this and should be performed prior to commencing the project.

A workspace utilization-occupancy monitoring solution allows you to monitor the activity levels of your current Workspace Utilization-Occupancy Monitoringworkspace. It will provide you with statistical data as to when workstations/offices are being used, how they are being used and depending on how detailed you want to get, what they are being used for.  This way you can evaluate usage patterns and whether the investment in your organizations current workspace or office is being used efficiently. The data gleamed from this would also give you the information you need to make a decision, as to whether a particular investment in a specific area would be warranted. For example, deploying additional hotdesking/hoteling stations or increasing the number of meeting rooms.

We have developed a workspace utilization-occupancy monitoring solution called “Activate”. It is a solution designed to help organizations determine how their current workspace is being used and assist them with building business cases to support various intuitive like, deploying additional Hoteling/Hotdesking stations or increasing the number of meeting rooms.

Flexnet’s “Activate” workspace utilization solution comprises of two options:

  • Occupation recording i.e. records when a user is sat at the desk or away from it.
  • Activity based recording solution which records the types of activity at the desk for example, routine works, focused work (do not disturb). collaboration with others, away for the desk but the desk is occupied(in a meeting) on the phone or the desk is available.

A lot of this detailed information can be used in making smarter business decisions and increasing the success factor of your office revitalization project.

For further information about our workspace utilization-occupancy monitoring solution, Hotdesking | Hoteling Booking Product Suite and our entire Workspace Management Solutions Product Suite , go to our web site and click on our Resource Booking solutions section. We look forward to answering any Workspace Management questions you may have.

Workspace Utilization-Occupancy Monitoring


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