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Hot Desking: A Smart and Flexible Workspace Automation Alternative

Hot Desking: A Smart and Flexible Workspace Automation Alternative

Most progressive organizations have long realized that employee retention is vital to grow and prosper in today’s business environment. To retain highly motivated and talented employees, organizations are beginning to implement smart and flexible workspace automation alternatives. One such option is hot desking, otherwise known as hoteling.

Hot desking is an office organization system that allows multiple workers to use a single physical work station at Smart and Flexible Workspace Automation Solutiondifferent periods of time. It’s a great tool for staff members working remotely, as they can reserve a workspace or a conference room at their company headquarters at anytime.

Our customers often see more of their employees working remotely and they need additional hot desking workspaces to accommodate the demand. Additionally, their staff are requesting an on-demand or in-advance reservation option using Outlook or a smartphone. Thus allowing employees to reserve a hot desk station on a specific day, in advance or booking a workspace on the spot by using a hoteling kiosk.

Despite some initial skepticism, once implemented, most organizations realize hot desking solutions are economical and they increase employee productivity and moral. Hot desking allows for flexibility and freedom in the workplace. It appeals to employees of all different ages, in different parts of the world as a smart, flexible workspace automation alternative.

Resource Central and ResourceXpress offers a fully integrated solution with Outlook and provides users with the ability to book workspaces and conference rooms, in-advance or on the fly. To see further information about our smart and flexible workspace automation solutions, please go to our web site at or click on the following links to see advance booking and on-demand booking through Outlook and Exchange.

Resource Central and ResourceXpress Offers any Organization

A Smart and Flexible Workspace Automation Alternative


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