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Are you prepared and have an eDiscovery Solution?

Are you prepared and have an eDiscovery Solution?

Having efficient business processes in place is one of the best ways to grow your business. With that said, when it comes to managing your data, which your users are creating and then storing, it can be easily lost and is very often difficult to find when the need arises. So sorting through file after file is not efficient, as it wastes time and money. To avoid this, companies have to be proactive and provide eDiscovery solutions for their users, before issues arise. But in order to address the selection of an eDiscovery solution,  a few fundamental questions need to asked and they are:

  • Can any of your existing software solutions be re-used?
  • Where is critical data stored?
  • How will you get rid of the old data?
  • What is the functionality of the chosen product?
  • What repositories will this solution search on(e.g. email, file shares, SharePoint),
  • What areas remain difficult to access (e.g. backup tapes)?
  • Who owns the data?
  • What policies are already in place?

ediscovery Solution

By implementing an eDiscovery solution, it allows businesses to circumvent the stress involved in recalling data before it even happens. Also, it allows IT departments to be more aware of what information is on their servers. Furthermore, eDiscovery solutions allow legal departments to be at the ready should your company ever need to search archived data within a short period of time.

With Discovery Attender it not only would help lessen redundancy, but it would also allow for stronger connections and coalescence between departments. Efficiency aside, using Discovery Attender as your eDiscovery solution helps keep files safe, as it deals with critical issues such as storage and who owns the data.

If you would like to download a full copy of their Information Governance Initiative’s 2014 annual report , please click here or you can find more information about our  information governance | File Analysis | eDiscovery resources on our web site We look forward to answering any Information Governance questions you may have; please contact us at 1 (800) 263-8733                         1 (800) 263-87331 (800) 263-8733 1 (800) 263-8733


Be proactive and have an eDiscovery Solution in place.

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